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Living in poverty has the same effect on the brain as regularly going without sleep – From Salon

An interesting article from Salon.

“You are captured by these monetary issues — how to pay rent, how to pay bills,” Zhao added. “As a result, you’re less attentive to other problems. You neglect other things in life that deserve your attention.”

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A history of media technology scares, from the printing press to Facebook.

Technology has always hurt our minds – or so we are always told.  This article by Vaughn Bell on Slate explains.

Worries about information overload are as old as information itself, with each generation reimagining the dangerous impacts of technology on mind and brain. From a historical perspective, what strikes home is not the evolution of these social concerns, but their similarity from one century to the next, to the point where they arrive anew with little having changed except the label.

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