Dr Johanna Saltis is able to offer placement opportunities for Clinical Psychology Masters students and Health Psychology Masters students at her private practice. Johanna’s clinical practice provides Cognitive Behaviour Therapy informed by Brief Solution Focused Therapy and mindfulness principles. Her work is also informed by the latest neuroscience research, having previously been a researcher and published in the neuroscience field.  She also taught Human Physiology at NSW University and pursued a post-doc in the field of neuroscience, leading her to develop mindfulness exercises such as “The Five Pleasant Senses Exercise” (see training resources), that help facilitate the development of daily healing practices. Her Clinical Psychology Masters thesis (completed at Macquarie University) explored the effects of trauma on cognitive and memory function in Borderline Personality Disorder. Her curent interests are in supporting people to discover safe ways to harness the power of their mind in managing distressing pain or dissociation. She has completed a pilot study into Telehealth through her work at the Repatriation General Hospital Pain Unit.

Services Offered:

Dr Johanna Saltis offers Clinical Psychology services for the treatment of a range of conditions such as depression, anxiety conditions (e.g. generalised anxiety, specific phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress), Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia. She has a particular interest in supporting people to discover safe ways to harness the power of their mind in managing distressing symptoms of physical pain or dissociation. Patient services may be funded through Medicare, WorkCover or Private Health Cover. Clinical services are also available in Greek or Czech.

Placement Specific Information:

Please note that this placement requires the completion of a placement project. The topic is negotiable and is usually in an area of their interest to the student but also applicable to the practice, for example:

  • Literature review of neuroimaging changes with therapy;
  • Review of psychometric scores gathered so far; or
  • Literature review of on internet addiction vs positive use e.g. Tetris for PTSD, etc.

Enrolments are managed through UPAC.